Help us give back to the heroes fighting for us and donate boba from District Tea!


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The COVID-19 has strained our economical and societal system in unimaginable ways. While our essential workers have been working tirelessly through the COVID-19 pandemic, we've all had the privilege to stay home with our families; doing our part to protect our communities. We decided we cannot sit still any longer as our frontline heroes risk their lives to protect US. 
Please join us in giving back to our heroes by graciously donating to our cause and buy our heroes a drink from District Tea! We are accepting donations immediately in any amount by credit card or our Venmo - @districtteasf
Thank you for your support! Stay safe and healthy!
Your donations will not only be helping our local healthcare heroes, but our small business as well. During this time, we made the difficult decision to close our doors to protect our team, our families and ourselves. This will also greatly help our business to stay afloat during our first year of business. Much love to you all! 

district tea for #blm

Like many of you, we are feeling uneasy, sad, and outraged by the systematic racism and injustice in our system that continues take innocent Black lives from their loved ones. Basic human rights are being denied to our brothers and sisters and time and time again, they are being dehumanized for the color of their skin. Dark skin is not a crime. Police violence and murder is a CRIME. We stand in solidarity with our community and all POC.

On June 4, 2020, 100% of drink proceeds purchased directly at our store were donated to the Black Lives Matter Foundation to support the initiatives that continue to push for a deep systematic change we so desperately need and justice for the black community.

With your support and purchases of our drinks, we were able to collect $700 in donations for the Black Lives Matter movement! We have also decided to make our payment through a friend, where your donations were matched 1 for 1. Together we are able to donate a total of $1,400 to support the initiatives fighting for liberation, freedom, and justice for Black lives!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort!









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